A New Era for Comics

Most people remember childhood as carefree time that when school was over that they would be able to run around without a care in the world. Meeting up with friends to play games, or more commonly today to “meet up” with friends over the internet to play online RPG games. However, for some -and a growing number- would read comic books. It is not just children either. Philipp Kindt is rediscovering the world of comics and how it once was for him as a child. Albeit his themes are more geared towards the adult world with its myths and bloody battles.

Philipp Kindt remembers that as a child, reading Atlas books, how he wanted to learn and escape into the stories of fabled, often, gruesome legends. When monsters and heroes “roamed” the world and shaped our human culture. Memories of those care free days set him on his path rediscover his love for comic books and even help create new ones. He is not alone.

Even the famed and talented actor Keanu Reeves, has recently teamed up with Boom! Studios to make a new comic book called BRZRKR. So far it has been a major success in the comic world. So much so that Netflix has already initiated talks to adapt the comic into a mini-series.They broached the subject and with Reeve and Alessandro Vitti which brought the action-packed comic from an abstract idea to life.

Southeast Asia,especially in Singapore, comics and gaming have taken on new life and are being played and read by a large percent of the adult and under 18 population. From a lot of different comic book series new forms of life have sprung either on the silver screen or to an RPG on your smart phone. The marvel franchise, X-men, and the Umbrella Academy on Netflix all originated as comic books and have taken on a new life of their own, once transported from book form to a screen.

One of the things that differentiates man from beast is our need to tell fanciful stories, and comic books are just another outlet of millennial old traditions. With such powerful stories that have stood the test of time and popularity it is no wonder that are favorite comic books have leapt off the page and to our screens. Kindt, with the inspiration of his Atlas comics show no sign of fatigue and intend to bring new forms of entertainment from the stories of old.

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